Best Baking Classes and Bakery Courses in Delhi for 2020

Does the smell of cake baking in the oven make you smile? Do you ever go to a cafe or bakery and say to your friend, this is just like the place I would like to own one day?

Well, guess what, you can. But opening a cafe or bakery isn’t all that easy. Just like with any career, here also you need a good education. A school that will hone your talent so you go from baking a sponge cake to jaw-dropping 3-tier cake and selling them for a profit.

After all, this may be scary but the fact is that any new bakery or cafe only has a 20% chance of surviving the first 5-years. Why? Because a bakery isn’t just about baking cakes and having a cute counter. You need to sell baked goods at a profit, know, how and who to hire, how to manage, market, do market research, etc.

But most baking schools in India only teach you how to bake thus leaving your dream business prone to the failing, except one.

Yup, if you live in Delhi, we might have just found the best bakery courses in Delhi for anyone that wants to own a bakery or cafe, Truffle Nation and here’s why

Truffle Nation Review
Student Satisfaction
Courses tailor-made for aspiring bakery/cafe owners
Completely hands-on training
Diploma and Certification students get marketing sessions
Multiple batch timings available
Located close to the metro station
Continued support even after you complete the course
Limited seats available per batch.

6 Reasons Truffle Nation has the Best Baking Classes in Delhi

#1: It is all hands-on

As they say, nothing like learning on the job and rightly so. Truffle nation’s hands-on approach to learning is a much-needed change to the traditional learning method of watching and learning (trust us, no one became a professional just by watching a few videos and online recipes).

Whether it is pre-heating an oven, piping the batter on to the tray, etc. you perform each and every step thus helping you learn from scratch. You also get accustomed to all the machinery and equipment needed.

And in case you make a mistake, their trainers are always there to lend a helping hand. Their patience and hard work in teaching every student are worth admiring.

#2: You get individual attention

Unlike many of the baking schools where you are cramped up for room or feel lost in the crowd, Truffle Nation has one trainer assigned for every 4 to 7 students in a batch.

Plus, the calm and friendly nature of the teachers makes them very approachable in case of any doubts or questions (there are no silly questions here).

#3: Courses for Everyone

While most of their students are passionate bakers who want to open their own cafe/bakery or home business, they also offer each module individually in case you just want to learn cookies or celebration cakes.

Their Diploma and certification courses best suit students planning to start a cafe or home business. Both courses include in-depth theoretical classes and hands-on training for cookies, travel cakes, Indian confectioneries, 3D cakes, 3-tier wedding cakes, European bread, etc.

Another benefit of the Diploma course is that top-performing students get an internship. Yup, perform well and you get a chance to further improve your skills and learn to manage a kitchen even better.

Oh, and there is one more skill-set Truffle Nation covers, unlike other baking schools that makes them the best baking classes in Delhi.

#4: Marketing Classes

Included in the curriculum for the Diploma and Certification courses are special marketing lessons. We told you running a bakery or home business is about selling goods for a profit and here’s your chance of learning it how.

From setting up social media channels, running ads on Google, Instagram and Facebook to Facebook redirection, there’s a lot you will learn here.

Furthermore, sessions on pricing goods, menu planning, staffing are also part of the course.

#5: Proven Track Record

Here’s a couple of their students Stanzein and Nilza giving their review fo Truffle Nation.

Both of them are 2 of the many students who have gone one to run successful businesses after their Diploma.



January 12, 2020 via Google

After my Diploma Course, I went on to open my own cafe by the name MyCafeLeh in Leh thanks to the guidance provided by Kirty mam and Karan sir. When you are in town, do drop-in for a cup of coffee and some amazing red velvet cake.



January 12, 2020 via Google

I wanted to start my own home baking business and that is what brought me to Truffle Nation. I took the Diploma Course where a learned a variety of bread and cakes and went on to open my home bakery. Even baked a cake for his holiness, Dalai Lama on his 83rd birthday

They aren’t the only ones talking highly about their course:


January 12, 2020 via Google

I got my sister enrolled here as she loved baking and it was the best decision I took. Since her Certification course, shes been baking jaw-dropping cakes, cookies, etc..


January 12, 2020 via Google

Loved the fact that all of their classes are completely hands-on as it helps you learn from scratch and they even had weekend classes which was a blessing since I didn't want to quit my job.


January 12, 2020 via Google

From the counseling to the training, everything is top-notch here. Seeing the teachers put in all that effort into teaching every student was heart-warming.


January 12, 2020 via Google

Currently doing my diploma here and have learned tons of stuff in just 4 months. I can't wait for the upcoming modules and the marketing sessions..

They’re also featured on magazines like DelhiBaker’sClub.

#6: They are cost-effective

Most baking schools in Delhi will cost you about Rs 6L to 8L for a Diploma whereas, with Truffle Nation, you can have your Diploma done in less than 3lacs and in just 6-months (yup, no more waiting for 1-2 years to get your diploma).

Even their part-time bakery course is pretty cheap. For example, you can learn the art of making cookies for just around Rs. 15,000.

Don’t forget to check out Truffle Nation course fees for more details.

Where are they located?

If you live in South Delhi, you will be happy to know that they have their bakery classes in Malviya Nagar and Saket. Both the branches are equally good and very close to the metro station so irrespective where you come from, commuting should be hassle-free.

Oh, and one thing we didn’t mention above is that Truffle Nation promises to help you even after your course ends. Yup, whether you have marketing questions 2 years after your course, have a doubt with a recipe or need help revamping menu for your bakery, get in touch with their team of chefs anytime.


As you can see, Truffle Nation combines both cost-effectiveness and in-depth learning making them the best bakery course in Delhi whether you are a hobbyist or aspiring bakery owner.

So did you learn baking at Trufflnation or have heard about them? Drop-in your experience in the comments below to further readers further insight.

And lastly, happy baking ;).