4 Mistakes New Bakeries MUST AVOID

If you love to bake I am sure you want to start your own bakery one day. After all, who doesn’t want to be their own boss, right? But starting a bakery is just about the capital or knowing how to bake. Surely you can also learn that at any of the best baking courses in Mumbai.

Even the smallest of mistakes can have the largest consequences and as they say, prevention is better than cure. So here are some common mistakes every new bakery should avoid for continued success.

4 Mistakes New Bakeries MUST AVOID

Mistakes to avoid while baking

Mistake 1: Not getting an insurance

My bakery has just started out so I do not need insurance except. Isn’t that what everyone thinks? Except, YOU DO and that is irrespective of the size of your bakery or cafe.

And also irrespective of much you trust your skills and your team. Insurance is a way of protecting yourself financially and in business, it is very important as accidents may not always occur because of your fault.

Mistake 2: Not pricing your goods properly

One mistake that almost every newbie entrepreneur makes is thinking they can stand out from the competition by pricing their items lesser but then, are you really making a profit? If not, your bakery is in deep, deep trouble.

Maybe you use better quality ingredients or maybe your portion sizes are bigger, in that case, pricing your items higher is justified and customers are always willing to pay more for better quality.

So you learn pricing to best suit every customer while earning a profit, we recommend learning baking from Trufflenation as pricing, staffing, etc. are all part of their Diploma and Certification courses.

This will also help you save on the expense of hiring an accountant for just pricing items.

Mistake 3: Hiring little or more help

Running a bakery is no joke, especially if you have a dine-in style bakery. You need servers, chefs, cleaners, etc. But new bakeries focus more on cutting down the cost thus hire little help.

And when the going gets hectic, there’s a good chance of customers going hungry or having to wait too long and that is bad for business in a world where they have the power to leave reviews online.

But make sure you do not go overboard either as it will bite into your profits. A new bakery should have anywhere between 8-15 employees depending on the size of your business.

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Mistake 4: Not keeping the book on a day to day basis

If you thought you do not have to keep account of every Rs. 10 or Rs. 100 you spend then trust me you are running your business into troubled waters and this is where an accountant comes into the picture. An accountant will help you cut down on unwanted expenses and further make your bakery profitable.

But since you cannot pay high salaries just yet, you need not hire a full-time account for the bookkeeping. Hiring someone for a part-time basis to come and periodically check the books should suffice for now.

So there’s our list of mistakes one should avoid. In case you would like to add to the points and share your viewpoint, do drop in a comment below.

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