Best Professional Bakery Courses in Mumbai 2020

We already told you all about the baking classes in Chennai but what if you live in Mumbai? Are there any baking schools that can help you turn your passion into a career?

All you Mumbaikers, there is good news for you. Comparatively, you have got even better options.

That is because there are more bakery schools in Mumbai that provide Diploma and Certification courses and in this list, we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Best Bakery Courses in Mumbai

#1: Academy of Pastry Arts

Academy of Pastry Arts in Mumbai

Second to only Truffle Nation in Delhi, Academy of Pastry Arts India is hands down the best option in Mumbai especially for serious bakers who want to open up their cafes and bakeries.


That is because none can match the intensive training and internship programs they can provide. For example, Pastry Diploma is available as 6-month (for home baking businesses), 9-month (for bakery owners) or part-time course (ideal for hobbyists) where you classes just on the weekend.

And when you take the full 9-month Diploma, you might just also score yourself an opportunity to intern in Malaysia to further take your skills up a notch.

Furthermore, their list of trainers includes past Oberoi, Taj, ITC employees who have represented and even won baking competitions across the globe.

Their price range is on the higher side but trust us, they are worth every rupee spent if you are a serious baker.

#2: SEP (School of European Pastry)

School of European Pastry in Mumbai

If there is one school in Mumbai that can go toe to toe with the Academy of Pastry Arts India, it is SEP and the ideal place for anyone looking for bakery classes in Andheri East.

They also have a 6-month Diploma course best-suited for serious bakers and just like the best bakery course in Delhi, budgeting, menu planning, branding, etc. are all part of this course, making it easier for you to set up your own bakery after the course.

There are also plenty of short-term courses for those that just want to upgrade their skills or are a hobbyist. For example, their short-term course, Ketogenic Bakes is one of the very few courses in India that revolves around the much-talked-about keto diet

#3: Culinary Craft

Culinary Craft Baking Classes in Mumbai

Whether you want to learn eggless baking so you can make yummy desserts and cakes for your family or want to start a home business after getting certified, these bakery classes in Powai have you covered.

While you do not get Diploma courses or the benefits that come with it such as internships, the courses are really short. That means in 3-4 days you could learn everything there is to make eye-popping wedding cakes and kick-start your business.

The fee is also pretty reasonable making it the best bakery classes in Mumbai for anyone on a tighter budget. Apart from baking courses, you also learn some amazing Mexican delights like Churros, Nachos and so on.

#4: Smita’s Amazing Cakes n Culinary Classes

Smita’s Amazing Cakes n Culinary Classes in Mumbai

Looking for baking classes in thane? Smita’s Cakes and Culinary classes are just where you need to be because as the name suggests, they are pretty amazing especially if you do not want to spend lacs.

Smita personally takes all the classes and has been doing so since the very first day in 2007. Yup, these classes have been in business for about 13 years now and that itself is proof of how they are.

But who is Smita?

Smita completed her hotel management from one of the most reputed institutes of India, the Kohinoor institute of hotel management. She has also worked as a chef and teaches Basic to advance cakes, Fondant cakes, Teatime cakes, Biscuits, Puff pastries, Bread, Chocolates, ice-creams, instant gravy mix and tons of other stuff.

Well, there’s our list of the best bakery courses in Mumbai, if you have been to a different school and want to share your review about it, do write to us in the comments below.

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