How to Bake the Perfect Cakes

Baking is fun but if you thought it is easy, well, you are in for a surprise. That is because behind all that fun there is also a lot of intricacy, preciseness, and delicacy involved. Yup, it is not just about throwing in some ingredients into the oven.

So if you are trying to bake a cake for the first time, here are some tips you will find handy.

Tip 1: You have to be accurate

As I mentioned above, it not about throwing some ingredients together. Unlike cooking where you can add salt, pepper, and other masalas to taste, baking is all bout preciseness. Even the slightest of measurements being off can result in a raw or flat cake.

This is why you will always find a kitchen scale in any baker’s home. To measure liquid ingredients. we would suggest you get measuring spoons and cups.

Tip: When measuring, make sure the metric on your scale is in sync with the recipe. Using different metrics can turn your baking session into a harsh lesson.

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Tip 2: Mix it all well

Now that you have added all the ingredients in precise amounts it is time to mix them and to get the best results, a hand mixer or a stand mixer would be ideal. I wouldn’t recommend mixing with hands. Not only is it tiring and time-consuming there’s a good chance you won’t get the required results either.

When you are adding in different elements like the dry ingredients to the wet ones make sure you time it right. There is science behind each added ingredient and if you want a moist fluffy cake, you have got to be spot on with it. The recipe will have required instruction, treat it like your bible for now.

Tip 3: Get accustomed to the oven

This is where the recipe book might go out of the window. While most recipes suggest 180 or 160-degree temperature for baking, that can vary from oven to oven and its features.

This is why it is important you use an oven that you understand. Also, it is always better to put cakes in the middle of the oven so they cook evenly from both sides and do not end up overcooking.

Another thing, do not keep opening the oven door. Yes, you need to check the baking but opening it too often results in the oven losing heat thus resulting in an undercooked cake.

Tip 4: Pre-heat and cooling down

The recipe probably has already mentioned that but if not, we would suggest you always pre-heat the oven. Paste a note on your workstation or a reminder on your phone.

But why is pre-heating so important?

That is because it helps the cake rise. Also, avoid using oven fans as they may dry your cake. Use a convection oven if possible. Fluffy and moist are two words synonymous with baking cakes so you definitely want to get those right.

Once the cake is out of the oven, gently remove it from the baking tray and set in on the cooling rack for you should let the cake for 20-25 minutes before you begin creaming. If you are in a hurry, poke a few holes on the top and keep it under the fan.

Looking for more tips?

And if you cannot the cake right even after all these tips, here are a few places across India where you can get expert training (ideal for anyone that wants to make a career out of their passion for baking).

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