How to Choose the Perfect Bakery Name (An In-Depth Guide)

If you want to build a business with your baking skills you will need to create a brand and the first and foremost thing you need to get right for that is the name of your business.

And when you actually come to it, you will realize that finding a name isn’t as easy as you may have first thought. Do you go with something funny? Maybe quirky? Or should it be direct so potential customers know exactly what you are selling?

Thankfully, we are there to solve those confusions. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to choose a name for your bakery.

How to Choose the Perfect Bakery Name

How to pick a bakery name to build a brand

Tip 1: Take a Cue from Competitors

While you shouldn’t directly copy names or use similar names, taking cues for names from your competitors is a brilliant idea as you already know these names work. Have most of the brands mentioned the words bread, cake, chocolate or cream in their names?

If yes, you know precisely the words around which your bakery’s name should revolve.  If you still aren’t getting ideas, get your friends and family involved or you can also check out online sites for inspiration. You can also turn to name generator software.

The same rule applies even if you are opening a home bakery as it has the same impact on the business. Be smart, pick wisely.

Tip 2: Keep in mind your audience

If your target audience can relate to the name, it is going to be an instant attraction for them. Not keeping in mind your target audience can have dire consequences.

Keep in mind the income, family size, location and so on. For example, if you intend on selling Cheesecake, the name Cheesecake Factory is neither boring nor confusing.

Furthermore, you can precede the name with phrases such as ‘on the go’ or the Midnight Cheesecake Factory to further send a message to the customer on the kind of business you are running.

Tip 3: It should be available as a domain and social media handle

Whether you are running a home bakery or a cafe, having an online presence whether on Instagram, Facebook or through your own domain is one of the easiest ways to market.

This why make sure your business name is also available as a domain and social media handle. It also helps potential customers research about you.

Having social media pages is free and gives you the opportunity of reaching out to thousands of potential customers. Having your own website further creates trust and also allows you to serve customers more personally than having them order through Zomato or Swiggy.

Tip 4: Feedback is must

Yes, we suggested you involve your friends and family in the decision making but don’t solely rely on their final opinion. After all, you cannot run a profitable business by just selling to family members, right?

Use your personal social media accounts and get feedback on it from your followers and other friends. Know the kind of first-impression the name is creating and if it is exactly what you expected, then bam, you have just taken the first step to owning a bakery or home business.

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